The Catholic faith is one of action. By our baptism, we are called to pursue justice in every aspect of our lives. In addition to seeking opportunities for prayer, worship and ever-deepening faith, Catholics often take an active role in their communities, directly serving the poor, spreading the faith or becoming active in advocacy and civic affairs.

The Diocese of Jackson offers opportunities to put faith in action through:

  • Catholic Charities, Inc., the social outreach arm of the diocese doing social justice work for anyone in need.
  • Catholic Schools, our diocesan schools have long been a place to educate and form young minds into moral and ethical individuals who seek to bring justice into our communities and to serve the marginalized and those less fortunate. Many of our alumni go on to become Supreme Court Justices, doctors, lawyers and business leaders throughout the state and the country.
  • Parish Activities and Groups: The parishes are the first places people go to practice and express their faith as Catholics. They each offer unique ministries and are the lifeblood of the work of the church.
  • The Office of Evangelization, spreading the Good News through outreach to Catholics no longer active in the faith, communications, worship and liturgy.
  • The Office of Faith Formation, offering opportunities to learn more about faith, social justice and the work of the church.
  • The Office of Stewardship and Development, providing a strong financial future for the work of the church in Mississippi.
  • The Office of Vocations, helping men and women of faith discern their call to the priesthood, diaconate or religious life.

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