The Bishop Chanche Mission Award Medals are given annually by Bishop Joseph Kopacz. Named for Mississippi’s first Catholic bishop, nominees should be lay Catholics who have shown exemplary service at the parish and or diocesan level in the areas of evangelization, faith formation and service to the community.

Pastors, Associates and Lay Ecclesial Ministers may nominate ONE person or a married couple per year from their parish or mission to receive the award.  Please give as much detail about your nominee so that the selection committee can see all the good works they do for your parish.

Nomination guidelines:

  • All nominations shall remain confidential.
  • You must use this form. No hand-written forms will be accepted.
  • A committee appointed by the Bishop will select award recipients from the nominees.
  • Nominees should not be informed of their nomination.
  • Nominees will only be informed of their nomination if they should be chosen as a recipient.
  • Direct questions to: Rebecca Harris, 601.960.8477,
  • Nominations should be sent no later than November 30, 2018 to be eligible for selection.

Bishop Chanche Nomination

This is the online form pastors and lay ecclesial ministers can use to nominate someone for the Bishop Chanche Service medal.
  • This is how the name should appear on the certificate
  • This is the formal name, including spouse, for the invitation envelope
  • This is YOUR email address. It will be used to send you confirmation of your entry.
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