Notice: suspension of the distribution of the Precious Blood during the Eucharist

Until further notice, Bishop Joseph Kopacz asks all parishes, missions, institutes and schools to discontinue distribution of the Precious Blood from the chalice to the congregation at all Masses; and urges communicants to receive the consecrated host  in the hand if at all possible due to concerns over the ongoing flu season and uncertainty over the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is starting to show up in this country.

This is a temporary action to determine the severity of the outbreak. It is diocesan norm to distribute Holy Communion under both species and this should be followed normally.

Additionally, the exchange of the sign of peace is to be offered without any physical contact, if possible. Instead of a handshake, parishioners may bow or nod to persons nearby. Hands are a prime location for viruses to be shared.

Once more knowledge is shared and the concerns have abated we will re-institute the diocesan norm.