Most Reverend Joseph R. Kopacz, DD

601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Charlene Bearden

Coordinator, Office of Family Ministry

Jeff Bell

Facilities Manager, Bishop Houck New Hope Village Manager

Karen Brown

Administrative Assistant/Notary, Office of the Bishop
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Jackie Brown

Administrative Assistant, Department of Stewardship-Development

Stephanie Brown

Curriculum Coordinator, Office of Catholic Education

Paul Byrne

Facilities Manager , Dept. of Temporal Affairs

Carolyn Callahan

Internal Audit & Special Projects, Dept. of Temporal Affairs
601-969-1880, Ext. 8490 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Vickie Carollo

Coordinator, Office of Protection of Children and Safe Environments
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-812-5743 |

Renee Carpenter

Payroll Administrator, Dept. of Temporal Affairs
601-208-6400 ext 6400 |

Catherine Cook

Superintendent, Office of Catholic Education and Director, Department of Evangelization
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8469 |

Brother Theodore Dausch CFC

Coordinator, Office of Hispanic Ministry
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Aad de Lange

CFO, Dept. of Temporal Affairs
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Reverend Msgr. Michael Flannery

Adjutant Judicial Vicar

Sister Maria Josefa Garcia Alvarez, MGSpS

Associate, Office of Hispanic Ministry
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Debbie Gibson

Receptionist, Office of Vicar General

Leslie Glaze

Grant Writer

Rebecca Harris

Director, Catholic Foundation, Catholic Service Appeal, Grant Resources, Parish & School Stewardship, Planned Giving Program
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Will Jemison

Coordinator, Office of Black Catholic Ministry
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Sue Junkin

ParishSoft Assistant

Reverend Brian Kaskie

Pastor and Seminarian Director
601-684-5648 | Fax: 601-684-1924 |
Location: McComb – St. Alphonsus,

Donna King

Associate Coordinator of Diocesan Records & Archives
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Reverend Thomas Lalor

Pastor and Cursillo Spiritual Advisor
601-636-3445 | Fax: 601-636-3534 |
Location: Vicksburg – St. Paul,

Most Reverend Joseph N. Latino, DD

Bishop Emeritus (2003-2013)

Fran Lavelle

Director, Office of Faith Formation and Religious Education

Vivian Lee

Accounts Payable/Receivables, Dept. of Temporal Affairs

Karla Luke

Assistant Superintendent, Office of Catholic Education
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8469 |

Christopher Luke

Coordinator of Stewardship, Dept. of Stewardship - Development

Tereza Ma

Coordinator of Creative Services and Production

Sister Maria Elena Mendez MGSpS

Associate, Office of Hispanic Ministry
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Berta Mexidor

Coordinator of Spanish Content and Administrative Assistant

Nancy Meyers

ParishSoft Coordinator, Dept. of Temporal Affairs

Reverend Michael O’Brien

Pastor and Vicar for Clergy
601-859-3749 | Fax: 601-859-8011 |
Location: Canton – Sacred Heart,

Cathy Pendleton

Administrative Assistant/Notary, Dept. of Temporal Affairs

Tamara Radican

Payroll Coordinator, Dept. of Temporal Affairs

Stephanie Russell

Payroll coordinator, Dept. of Temporal Affairs

Reverend José de Jesús Sánchez

Pastor and Promoter of Vocations

Abbey Schuhmann

Coordinator, Office of Youth Ministry

Reverend Kevin Slattery

Vicar General, Adjutant Judicial Vicar, Sacramental Minister and Priest Supervisor

Melissa Smalley

Accounting Coordinator, Dept. of Temporal Affairs

Maureen Smith

Director of Communications, editor; Mississippi Catholic
601-960-3581 | Fax: 601-949-6932 |

Fabvienen Taylor

Administrative Assistant, Office of the Tribunal
601-949-6939 | Fax: 601-960-8450 |

Reverend Rusty Vincent

Parochial Vicar and Coordinator for the Office of Campus Ministry
662-323-2257 | Fax: 662-323-2258
Location: Starkville – St. Joseph,

Very Reverend Jeffrey Waldrep, JCL

Judicial Vicar/Vice Chancellor and Pastor
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8450 |
Location: Columbus – Annunciation,

Julia Williams

Benefits Coordinator, Department of Temporal Affairs
601-960-8462 | Fax: 601-960-8464 |

Cindy Wood

Administrative Assistant/Notary, Office of Vicar General
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |

Mary Woodward

Chancellor, Archivist, Director, Office of Liturgy and Worship
601-969-1880 | Fax: 601-960-8455 |