Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Lawson Howze

Howze Shield
Born: August 30, 1923, Daphne, Ala
Baptized in Catholic Church: December 5, 1948
Ordained a Priest: May 7, 1959
Ordained a Bishop: January 28, 1973
Auxiliary of Natchez-Jackson: – 1973-1977
Named First Bishop of Biloxi: March 8, 1977
Installed: June 6, 1977
Retired: June 6, 2001

In 1973, Joseph Lawson Howze was named Auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese of Natchez-Jackson.

The Catholic Foundation was established by Bishop Brunini and 23 Catholic leaders from throughout the Diocese in 1973 to provide for the future financial security of parishes, schools, and other organizations under the auspices of the Diocese.

In 1977, the Diocese of Natchez-Jackson was divided to become the Diocese of Jackson, comprised of the northern 65 counties of the state, and the Diocese of Biloxi, made up of the southeastern most 17 counties of Mississippi. At that time, Bishop Howze became the first Bishop of the Diocese of Biloxi.