The Department of Temporal Affairs provides services to other diocesan departments, parishes and Catholic Schools. The areas of responsibility include: diocesan finance and accounting, parish accounting, consolidated deposit and loan program, property records and property management, consolidated property insurance program, legal and taxes, lay personnel, diocesan employees’ health protection plan, lay employees’ retirement, inter-parochial and parochial schools, parish collections for special appeals, Catholic housing projects, diocesan building committee, and other miscellaneous administrative and financial matters.



Office of Benefits / Human Resource

The Office of Human Resource / Benefits provides information and assistance to all parishes, schools and agencies within the Diocese of Jackson.




Department of Temporal Affairs – Contacts

Aad de Lange, Chief Financial Officer

Cathy Pendleton, Administrative Assistant to CFO
(601) 969-2135 Office
(601) 960-8455 Fax


Paul Byrne, Facilities Manager
(601) 960-8457

Carolyn Callahan, Internal Audit and Special Projects
(601) 346-6038

Renee’ Carpenter, Payroll Administrator
(769) 208-6400

Vivian Lee, Accounts Payables / Receivables
(601) 960-8461

Nancy Meyers, ParishSoft Coordinator
(601) 960-8458

Melisa Munoz, Affordable Care Act Documentation
(601) 960-1884

Tamara Radican, Benefits / Payroll
(601) 960-8489

Stephanie Russell, Payroll
(601) 960-8454

Melissa Smalley, Deposit & Loan
(601) 960-8456

Julia Williams, Benefits Coordinator
(601) 960-8462  Office
(601) 960-8464  Fax