Catholic Extension Grant Application

The mission of Catholic Extension is to build up and strengthen poor and isolated faith communities. We invest in people, infrastructure and ministries. We partner with mission diocese to address their needs for foundational support for missions, educating seminarians and lay leaders, construction/renovation of facilities, youth ministry and religious education and building the internal capacity of dioceses. Catholic Extension Grant Applications are due April 1 and October 1 each year. If you have questions, please contact
  • Basic Request Information

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  • Previous or Most Recent Catholic Extension Grant

  • (Note: If you have not receive previous grant monies from a Catholic Extension Grant program, you may skip this "Previous or Most Recent Catholic Extension Grant" section.)
  • People Served

  • Please list the students who will benefit including name, institution attended, course of studies, year of certification/ordination, student age, or ethnic background, OR attach as a separate document at the end of this application.
  • Need

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  • Sources of Revenue

    Please list the other major sponsor(s) of this education program and the amount of funds that they will supply.
  • List of Expenses

    Please list the expense(s) to which the proposed grant funds will apply during the grant year.
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  • Sustainability

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  • Reporting Requirements

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  • Reporting Deadlines

    Programs that receive funding will be given the grants calendar for reporting deadlines. Reports must be submitted regardless of project status. Using the measurement description described above, you will report on the progress you have made in one year. At that time, you will be reflecting on the impact these measurable achievements had on the program's overall mission. Examples of metrics to track: - Number of ministries benefiting from grant - Number of ministers being certified or graduating the year of the grant - Number of seminarians - Number of education hours completed during grant period (conference, degree, non-degree, ongoing training) - Number of people using technology and how it has made an impact - Partnerships with organizations and participation in programs training volunteer leaders - Number of volunteers and number of additional locations benefiting from increased volunteers
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  • Please have priest/principal endorsement letter with signature stating they know this grant is being submitted.