Because of their fragile nature the archives are open only to qualified researchers approved by the diocesan archivist and the chancellor on behalf of the bishop.

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Elder Chalice

Sacramental Records – If you are seeking a baptismal certificate for yourself, please contact the parish in which you were baptized as they will have quick access to this. If you are unsure then call the diocesan archives (601.960.8475) to assist you in determining the church in which you were baptized.

Artifacts in the diocesan archives include:

  • Patrimony
  • Photographs
  • Bishops’ memorabilia
  • Chalices
  • Miters and Crosiers
  • Awards
  • Permanent Historical Files
  • Papal Decrees
  • Necrology of Priests

Genealogy – The diocese does not provide genealogical research in the archives. Those tracing a family history will be referred to an independent researcher approved by the archivist and bishop. To open the records there is an initial $25 fee payable to the Diocese of Jackson Archives. Please note: Current records are not accessible, only records prior to 1918 are available for search by our approved researcher.

All requests for genealogical information must be submitted in writing along with the $25 fee to: Archives, Diocese of Jackson, P.O. Box 2248, Jackson, MS 39225-2248.  We do not accept telephone inquiries for genealogy.

Requests are handled in the order in which they arrive. Please allow at least six weeks for completed requests.

For more information contact Mary Woodward, Chancellor and Director of Archives at 601.960.8475.