Stewardship is part of our Catholic belief system

It is a way of looking at our life itself, and our many gifts, through a different lens. It’s about seeing everything we have – our time on earth, our interests, intellect and talents. And, yes, our financial resources – all as gifts from God. Placed in our trust, as tools to use for our own salvation, and the salvation of all. This giving back isn’t limited to the parish or the diocese; rather, it encompasses both and much more.

Stewardship is not just about giving money

Stewardship is too often confused with money. “To be a good steward” does not mean simply “to give more money.” What it does mean, however, is to recognize that all of our gifts – intellect, skills, talent, experience and financial resources – all come from God and that we are each called to be accountable, to return those gifts with interest.

Stewardship is not a goal, it’s a journey

By embracing the lessons of stewardship, we learn to receive our gifts gratefully from God, tend them responsibly, share them with others, and give back with increase to God. We know in our hearts that if all were to live a life of stewardship, resources would flow as people gave of themselves to the Church without thought or question.



Contact the Stewardship and Development Office

Rebecca Harris, Director of Stewardship and Development
Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation
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Julia Williams, Assistant Development Director
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Brandi Fournet, Administrative Assistant
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