The Diocese of Jackson is made up of all the parishes, missions, schools, service centers and Catholic Charities ministries throughout about two-thirds of the state. Each parish, school and mission operates as a separate ministry, but all are united by the work of Bishop Joseph Kopacz at the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle and by the work of the chancery staff. Bishop Kopacz leads the diocese spiritually from the “Cathedra” or “Chair” in the cathedral, but in practical matters, he works from the chancery office. You might call it our headquarters. The Chancery is located in downtown Jackson, adjacent to the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle.


237 E. Amite Street, Jackson, MS, 39201
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Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle

The cathedral is the mother church of any diocese. It is the church where the bishop’s chair, or cathedra, sits. Diocesan liturgies are celebrated here, including ordinations of bishops and priests, the annual Chrism Mass, the Bishop Chanche Medal for service, World Marriage Day and more. While the cathdral is the bishop’s home church, it has a rector who acts as pastor to the local congregation.


Basilica of St. Mary

The Diocese of Jackson was founded as the Diocese of Natchez. St. Mary was the original cathedral. The church was elevated to a basilica because of its historical significance. The parish maintains part of the diocesan archive and gives tours.