Elder elevated to Archbishop

In January 1880, Bishop Elder was elevated to Co-Adjutor Archbishop of Cincinnati. He remained there until his death in 1904.

Yellow fever takes life of second bishop

Bishop Van deVelde died of Yellow Fever on Nov. 13, 1855. He had come to Natchez in search of a milder climate than the one of Chicago. Unfortunatley that opened him up to mosquito born illnesses.

Fort Rosalie

Bienville established Fort Rosalie on the Mississippi River in 1716, and the town of Natchez developed nearby. The first Catholic church in Mississippi was built by the French on a plateau below Fort Rosalie and above the river landing at Natchez. In 1718, the French brought the first enslaved Africans to Mississippi, forever shaping the development of the state and nation. By 1722, a French Catholic parish was established.

Spanish Rule

Spanish rule began in 1779 when the Governor of Spanish Louisiana, Bernardo Galvez, drove the British from West Florida. In 1788, a Spanish church dedicated to the Holy Savior (San Salvador) was built in Natchez at the center of the city. The church’s graveyard is the lot in Natchez on which today’s St. Mary Basilica and its rectory were built.

Diocese becomes Natchez-Jackson

In 1957, the Diocese of Natchez became the Diocese of Natchez-Jackson. St. Peter Church in Jackson became the Co-Cathedral.